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October 6th, 2022
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U2 Joshua Tree Tour 2019
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Bono: Appeal to America's greatness to aid Africa

(USA Today) -- Rock star Bono, lead singer of the Irish group U2, knows what buttons turn up the volume. He'll be pressing them all this week as he tries to make Washington politicians meet promised funding levels for the fight against AIDS in Africa. Since 1998, Bono also has used his fame to focus attention on Third World debt and global trade. He spoke Monday to USA TODAY's editorial board about his admiration of Americans and his quest to enlist their help. His remarks were edited for length and clarity:

Q: What has your experience as a rock star taught you about dealing with Congress and the White House?

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Posted by Macphisto on Tuesday, September 16 @ 07:56:39 CEST

German Rolling Stone: The Edge Q&A

Translated by Stephanie Glassl for Macphisto.net

The U2 guitarist talks about the new songs, George W. Bush, an argument with Bono, and juvenile air guitar playing.

He has always been quite the opposite of a guitar hero. With him, you wouldn't think of macho poses, his solos - should he play any - are usually very brief, and instead of strumming riffs he links the chords to create his trademark filigree sound. Dave Evans is the anti-hero among the guitar players. And even his mother calls him The Edge.

Once asked by a television team what he would consider to be his most innovative piece of guitar work, he played them the master tape of "With Or Without You" - the ending, a simple sequence of chords repeating all over, fading slowly. Less is more. "I can't do it any better than that," he says and looks at the camera, a bit shy.

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Posted by Macphisto on Friday, November 01 @ 08:16:50 CET

U2 star Bono: 'Drop the Debt' (interview)

LONDON, England (CNN) -- A recent report to the World Health Organization suggests that eight million lives a year could be saved and billions of extra dollars generated if the world's poorest nations spent more on health care.

But according to the "Drop the Debt" organisation, these countries are trapped by the sums they have to spend on servicing debt.

U2 front man Bono has been explaining why he's lent his voice to the "Drop the Debt" campaign, and he recently spoke to CNN's Tom Bogdanowicz.

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Posted by Macphisto on Sunday, February 03 @ 13:23:04 CET

Joy Makes a Return


The '90s were rough on great rock 'n' roll bands. In the U.S. alone, most of the decade's premier groups self-destructed (Nirvana), split apart in frustration (Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against the Machine) or lost so much commercial impact that they were relegated to the sidelines (Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails).
    This left the field so barren by the end of the decade that there were renewed choruses of "rock is dead." Lots of rock groups, from the relentlessly dark Korn to the dumbed-down and smirking Limp Bizkit, still sold millions of albums, but these bands seemed to be simply living off the energy and imagination of earlier generations.

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Posted by Macphisto on Saturday, December 15 @ 07:54:43 CET

Bono reveals dad's dying words


THE sound of cheering from the audience was still ringing in U2 legend Bono's ears. Many of the crowd were fighting the traffic trying to get home from their latest gig.

But the singer was at his dying dad's hospital bedside in Dublin having jetted there by private plane.

It was a pilgrimage he made night after night as the band played in Europe.

And he will never forget the moment he saw 75-year-old Bob Hewson slip away and the angry last words his father whispered as his son held him and life ebbed away.

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Posted by Macphisto on Friday, December 07 @ 05:45:58 CET

JAM! Interview: U2's The Edge

(JAM! Showbiz) -- By PAUL CANTIN / Senior Reporter, JAM! Showbiz

Throughout their career, the members of U2 have valued moving forward over retrospection, but guitarist The Edge acknowledges they are at a point where that could change.

Speaking via telephone from a dinner-break prior to a Milwaukee performance this week, he acknowledged that over the course of their career, their tape vault has grown to the point where they are considering putting together a collection of previously unreleased material.

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Posted by Macphisto on Sunday, May 13 @ 01:42:30 CEST

Q & A with U2`s Edge

(San Francisco Chronicle) -- Even before his triumphant turn at the podium during this year's Grammy Awards, everyone knew the Edge is secretly the heart and soul of U2. Front man Bono may maneuver for all the media attention, what with his leather pants and round-the-clock sunglasses, but where would the Irish band be without the follicly challenged guitarist's transcendental birdcalls, as beautifully evidenced on last year's "All That You Can't Leave Behind"? Slogging it out with Men at Work on the summer fair circuit playing Simple Minds covers, one suspects. Instead, U2 plays the Compaq Center at San Jose (formerly known as the San Jose Arena) on Wednesday. The Edge, 40, tells us why.

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Posted by Macphisto on Wednesday, April 18 @ 01:04:18 CEST

Bono: The Beliefnet Interview

(Beliefnet.com) -- "Ah, I always take you to the most glamorous places," said Bono with a laugh, as he hugged me in greeting one afternoon in September of 1999. He was being ironic, of course. I'd jetted around the United Kingdom with the band U2--a galvanizing force on the popular music scene for more than two decades--as I'd covered the group for Rolling Stone and other publications. That September, however, we were meeting in a completely nondescript conference room in Washington, D.C., and Bono was about to address a conference on the plight of highly indebted poor countries.

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Posted by macphisto on Friday, March 02 @ 06:47:25 CET

U2's Beautiful New Day

(Sonicnet.com) -- Finding studio magic again with All That You Can't Leave Behind, U2 prepare to hit the road with renewed vigor, Bono says.

By Brian Hiatt

Bono isn't satisfied with his sound.

So U2's lead singer asks his interviewer to hold on for a minute, and summons one of the world's most overqualified telephone repairmen, who's just arrived with him at a rental house near the Pacific Palisades.

( Read More... )
Posted by macphisto on Thursday, March 01 @ 03:00:02 CET

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