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February 1st, 2023
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Canadian U2 Fan gets profiled on VH1

Posted on Sunday, December 15 @ 15:31:11 CET by Macphisto

(JAM! Music) -- "I remember when I had that kind of confidence. I wouldn't mind some back," U2's Bono told Windsor, Ont.'s Julie Kryk, back in 2001 when she joined the group onstage in Las Vegas for a rendition of "People Get Ready." The clip plus a profile of Kryk will air on VH1 this Saturday (Dec. 14) for the American video channel's new show A Night With.

A VH1 crew flew to Windsor Oct. 8 to tape a hometown performance by Kryk at The Press Club and to interview the 22-year-old singer-songwriter as well as her friends and family.

Kryk has released four recordings and is working on a fifth. She performed on Lilith Fair three times. Only once was official through a contest she won in 1998 to join the all-female line-up at Detroit's Pine Knob Amphitheater. The other times, at Darian Lake in Buffalo, NY, and the following year at Pine Knob again, were because Kryk hung onto her laminated pass and ran into Lilith creator Sarah McLachlan backstage.

"I just met with (Sarah) and she said, 'Yeah, you're still Lilith artist,' so I did the finale with them all," recounts Kryk.

Around that time, Kryk also took some meetings in Toronto with some record labels. They were all encourgaing but told her to keep doing what she's doing, to keep writing songs, develop her style and learn the business, then come back in a few years.

"I was totally new and wasn't experienced in any aspect of the music industry," Kryk agrees. "I think now, I'm not going to bug the record companies. I going to make things happen for myself."

She's doing okay so far.

Since performing with U2, she not only landed the VH1 profile, but also has a contingent of fans that saw her at the concert or read about her guest appearance and subsequently have checked out her web site www.juliekryk.com. She has also lined up some shows in the U.S. for 2003. "The VHI is the going to be the most U.S. buzz. Hopefully I'll get one more from that," she says.

Kryk couldn't have designed it any better.

She did as much as she could to ensure that Bono would pick her from the crowd of 20,000 at the Thomas And Mack Centre in Las Vegas November 18, 2001. She got to the venue the night before and camped out to ensure a spot at the tip of the heart-shaped stage. "That's where he's picked people in the past," she noted.

She also made a sign that read: "This chick plays a mean guitar," which she hoped would get the lead singer's attention. It did.

Bono pulled the petite blonde, her eyes hidden behind dark shades, out of the crowd. "Do you want to play the guitar and sing?" he asked her. When she strapped on the acoustic guitar and started strumming the opening to "People Get Ready," Bono smiled approvingly. "People get ready for a new guitar player," he sang.

Asked if she really was as confident as Bono presumed and she laughs, "If I would have actually thought about it and if it would have really registered in my mind that I was in front of that many people, I don't know if I would have finished."

After the concert, Kryk contacted U2.com, which posted a link to her web site. She proceeded to get emails from people who attended the show, a couple of whom had videotaped her onstage with the band. She has not posted the video footage because it is a bootleg, but does have photos. She was also told of the new VH1 show about people who have had cool run-ins with rock musicians

"Someone contacted me about how to email VH1 my story. So I did, and they loved the story and loved the fact that I have audio, photos and three different angles of footage," says Kryk. "So, they are going to air my story, as well as the footage from the concert."

Kryk is currently recording a new album, which will be finished in a couple of weeks. She is self-producing the material at her home studio, as well as "fine tuning" at her brother, musician Jason Kryk's. Her past recordings have been predominantly acoustic, but this one will have a band sound.

"It's more mainstream," Kryk says. "I've gone through so much this past year. I'm very proud of my latest. I think it's my most advanced, as far as songwriting and producing goes."

She will be touring solo. The go-getter has simply been calling up clubs in America, booking her own gigs. Among other dates, she has lined up a show in New York City February 22 at Columbia University's Postcrypt Coffeehouse and a showcase in Los Angeles at The Gig June 7.

"I'm still independent," she says. "I'm still doing all that I can do, but it's time to go to the next level."

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