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May 20th, 2022
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U2 Lyrics - Falling At Your Feet

Every chip from every cup,
every promise given up,
every reason that’s not enough
is falling, falling at you feet.

Every band that last a climate,
every race when there’s nothing in it,
every winner that’s lost a ticket
is falling, falling at your feet.

I’ve come crawling, falling at your feet.
Everyone who needs a friend,
every life that has no end,
every need not ready to bend
is falling, falling at your feet.

I’ve come crawling, now I’m falling at your feet.
All fall down (repeat).
All the manic taste faces that you pull,
All the action is none of that you control,
the graffiti rolling down on five feet tall,
and the compromise you make for soon.

Every teenager with acne,
every face that spoil the beauty,
every adult tamed by duty,
they’re all falling at your feet.

Every foot in every face,
every cops that will find some grace,
every prisoner in the maze,
every hand that needs an ace
is falling, falling at your feet.
I’ve come crawling, now falling at your feet.

All fall down (repeat).

All the books you never read, just started.
All the meals you rushed, never tasted.
Every eye closed by a bruise,
every player that just can’t loose,
every popstar heroine abuse,
every drop out gone with booze,
all falling at your feet,
all falling at your feet.

All fall down (repeat).
All the effort makes it.
All the bigger deal.
All the radio waves, electronic seas.
Had to never give?
Had to simply be?
To know when to wait this blessed simplicity.
In hope shall I trust.
In heaven I’ll be staying.
Teach me to surrender.
Not my will, my will.

first time played live: 2003-06-05: Henry Fonda Theater, Los Angeles, California
last time played live: 2003-10-31: RTE Studios, Dublin, Ireland

This song has been played at least 3 times live (either as full song or snippet).

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